Friday 27 May 2011

Memories of London and the Origins of Agent of Change

I'm getting really excited because in 5 weeks and 4 days time, I'm going to London again.  Planning this trip has brought back great memories from my trip with Vicky last year, visiting the Natural History Museum, London Zoo, the Ice Bar and Below Zero Restaurant, and the Dominion Theatre to see We Will Rock You.

This time I'm going with Chris and it will be a very different kind of holiday from what we're used to.  We generally go for somewhere hot, beach, sea and chilling out. 

London will be full on, doing stuff, being entertained all the way.  I don't want to use clichés like 'second honeymoon', but I feel like this trip will be something special; we'll have been married 30 years this year and it feels great to share new experiences.  We went to see We Will Rock You a few years ago (and will see it again), but seeing Phantom of the Opera will be a new experience; as I'm not familiar with the plot it will be a challenge for me to follow it! Something else I'm looking forward to is eating at a more 'upmarket' Italian seafood restaurant, Piscatori. It would be a huge extravagance, but courtesy of my Tesco Clubcard points that I've swapped for Tesco Rewards, I have £75 in vouchers towards it. Can't wait!

I was just making plans for the trip and remembered that it was in the Natural History Museum that I originally got the idea to call this web site 'Agent of Change'!  Hmmm, I still think that was a great idea and my heart's in the right place but I don't seem to have really said much about 'change'!

Perhaps it's time to change all that, stop procrastinating and write more often.  I think about change all the time, change stuff in my own life, help other people to make positive changes.  What I want to do is share my thoughts and ideas (old and new, tried and tested or experimental).  I would tell other people, "what are you waiting for? You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it started!"

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