Thursday 5 May 2011

No Grannies were hurt ......

No Grannies were hurt OR confused during my and Sue's practice runs for the Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

Why the disclaimer?  After seeing the Granny Tappers loyalty card on f/b,  my brother, Ian brought it to my attention that "Granny Tapping" is actually a 'sport' indulged in by teenagers, whereby they sneak up quietly behind an elderly person who is walking in the street. Just before they overtake them on the right, they reach across and gently tap their left shoulder.  The elderly person then turns around to their left, but the perpetrator has long since passed on the right, leaving the elderly person confused. (Apparently there are youtube videos of this!)

Eeeek - How embarrassed am I?  Telling people I’ve been out Granny Tapping, blissfully unaware of what it means to those ‘in the know’! 

This 'sport' has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with our use of the phrase Granny Tapping, which refers affectionately  to the initial steady pace of our running, which could be likened to the pace of a Granny running for the bus!  Even My Old Granny (or rather Chris's old Granny) was only mildly offended!

So, IF you were thinking of sponsoring me and had so far held back because you think I go around tormenting  grannies - please go ahead and give generously!!!

The running is going well - we've broken the 5k threshold and have declared ourself real runners now.  After the success of the Fish and Chip incentive, we're now working towards a good curry!

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