Thursday 16 June 2011

Creating Holiday Moments at Home - A Change is as Good as a Rest

I love holidays.  Before I started to go on holiday abroad I often listened to people who'd been on holiday.  Some seemed to have a fantastic time.  Others seemed to compete to see what they could find to complain about!

I never went abroad as a child and so, when I grew up (well - I use that term loosely) holidays continued to be infrequent and were here in England.  Partly, we couldn't afford holidays, partly I feared flying.  In the year 2000 my friend (now my BFF) Cheryl persuaded me that I could survive a flight and with some trepidation I conceded that if she organised it and all I had to do was pay, we'd give it a go!  So it was that my husband Chris, daughter Vicky (then age 16) and son Paul (then 13) and I went on our first holiday abroad - to Tenerife with Cheryl and her husband Baz (Chris's mate).  I loved it!

Since then I've loved every holiday we've had. I always set out expecting to have a great time and I always do.  Time has come and gone and our kids have grown out of holidays with 'mum and dad' so for a few years it was just Chris and I. Some years on -in 2008 Chris and I joined up with Baz and Cheryl for another holiday... this time with their daughter, Katie, age 7.  Strange that all those years ago before they had Katie, we went on holiday with them and our kids, and then years later, our kids are grown up and it's now Baz & Cheryl that have their daughter with them.  I'm grateful for enduring friendships.

Last time we went on holiday abroad - July 2010 to Turkey - I reflected on what it is I love so much about holidays with a view to seeing what elements of 'holidays' I an bring in to play to enjoy at home.  I recently found the original handwritten list and there were 39 items listed. Top of the list was lovely hot sunny weather and spending time outdoors.  The weather is something we have no control over, but I've learned now to make the most of it when we do have nice weather.

Some things on the list are unrepeatable (!) but others were:
  • Buying holiday clothes. (I just love them). 
  • Wearing holiday clothes. (Why don't I wear them more at home?  Well, I do now!) 
  • Eating and drinking what I want, when I want.  
  • Ice cream, 
  • Iced coffee, 
  • Liquour coffee, 
  • Cocktails.   
  • Full English breakfast with a pint of lager!! 
  • Trying different foods. 
  • Walking slowly. 
  • Enjoying the view.  
  • Change from routine. 
  • Relaxing, 
  • Reading (without having to feel I must get the jobs done first), 
  • Swimming,
  • Paddling
  • Buidling a sand castle
  • Eating outdoors.  
Out of the list of 39, there were at least 20 items that I can incorporate into my weekends, especially when we get a warm day.  If the weather is warm in the morning - I get outside straight away, whether it's to weed the garden, read a book or have a full English breakfast outside.  It could rain later, and often does!  I've learned to make hay while the sun shines.

Spot the Difference....

So, spot the difference...... clearly the same bikini (as I'm wearing holiday gear at home now).  But the beach pic is on 'real' holiday and the one at the table is just in the garden, at home, making the most of the weather and the holiday feel.

Yeah, OK, what the heck was I doing here - I know!  It's a strange kind of pose.  But what the heck - I was on holiday.  That's another thing from my list of what's great about holidays- being daft - mucking around - not being able to remember what it was all about!  Who cares?

No daft poses in the garden, but it was warm, we were chilled out, we had sugar in our coffee.  Stuff in the house needed doing but could wait.  Who cares?!  We were making the most of 'now'.

We seem to be having some warmer weather just now so hopefully, some more of this to come.

Think about things you enjoy, times you love.  How can you transfer elements of this into everyday life- or at least the weekends.  :o)


  1. Hey Fran,
    That is so true, we should all have more 'holidays' in our lives. I loved reading it. Sue xx

  2. Inspirational - as ever, love you lots BFF x

  3. Can't wait to go on holiday again!

  4. Me too! 17 more sleeps!
    Holidays are ace. It's the fact that I'm always saying, "I can't wait until my next holiday" that gave me the idea to squeeze as many holiday moments or holi-days into life. Keeps me going 'til the next one!


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