Wednesday 21 January 2015

Proudest Moments.

Parkrun Running Shoes and being voted as Spirit of the Club

My CRC Spirit of the Club Award.  

Some of my most enjoyable running moments have been running with others and seeing them achieve their goals.  Cheryl and Vicky doing their first Race for Life (2014), Chris completing his first half marathon (Isle of Axholme 2014) and Cheryl completing her first 10k (Skegness 2014), being part of Sue’s training and seeing her complete a half iron-man triathlon (Vitruvian 2013).

I've also had fun doing some marshalling (The Gruesome Twosome) and volunteering at Cleethorpes parkrun, as well as just generally going along to support, cheer and take photographs of fellow CRC runners in some of their races. One of the highlights was seeing Jayne in the Military Challenge at Brigg – running 10k with 11kg backpack – and smashing the ladies course record into the bargain.

I love running.  I've felt, and feel, fitter in my late 40s and early 50s than I ever did in my 30s and am really surprised at how my body adapts to what I ask of it.  I want other people to experience this and that’s what drives me to encourage anyone who shows the slightest interest in running.  It gives me such a buzz to see others, especially those who don’t think they can run, realise that they can do so much more than they believed.

My parkrun running shoes.
So two of my proudest moments have been receiving surprise accolades recognising the Support and encouragement I've given other runners, especially beginning runners.

The first came last September, when I was awarded the parkrun voucher for a new pair of running shoes from their sponsors, Sweatshop.  How delightful is that?  All I’d done was run a bit, volunteer a bit and wear a tutu and pose a lot!  When I emailed to thank the organisers, they said it was because I embodied what parkrun is all about – running, having fun and encouraging others.  Wow. Those are things I love doing and that come naturally.  How fab to win a prize for having fun.

The second came at the Caistor Running Club AGM last Saturday, when I was named “Spirit of the Club”.  This is such an honour and as far as I'm concerned, came completely out of the blue.  I have made so many friends at CRC, but had no idea that I was so well thought of.  It turns out that people are telling me I'm an inspiration and totally deserving of this title.  Well, I was bowled over at the presentation!  So much so, I was lost for words.  A rare event!

Me - receiving my Spirit of the Club Award from Chairman Rod Burton.  Unusually lost for words!
I'm not saying that I'm not proud of my own running achievements by any means. I only
Pink Punks. Sue and Me.
RFL 2011
started running in my late 40s (apart from the odd dabble, quickly abandoned!) and it was seemed a major event when I entered my first race for life in 2011 with my running buddy, Sue.

T-shirts and bling earned on Race Days
Since then,  with the encouragement and advice I've received from more experienced runners at CRC and endless support from husband Chris, I've entered a number of events, in distances ranging from from 2 miles (Lincoln Santa Run, 2012, 2013 & 2014) to 26.2 miles (Blackpool Marathon and Chester Marathon 2014).  I’ve started to accumulate a respectable number of medals and won’t need to buy any running tops for the foreseeable future.

But by far my most treasured items are my parkrun running shoes and my Spirit of the Club statuette, depicting (depending which way you see it), someone below supporting someone above or someone above giving someone below a pull up.  I feel quite emotional when I look at it.  The thing is, now that I’ve been given this title, I feel inspired to live up to it.  Maybe I will blog more, especially at the moment whilst I’m resting up due to aggravation of the ex-bad foot.  But as soon as I’m up and running again, I’ll be on the warpath ...... now then, who can I find to encourage, cajole or nag (did I hear Cheryl say bully?) into a 5k race, 10k race or half marathon next?

Unless, you're injured.  Then you might have to rest to offending part!

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