Sunday 11 May 2014


One evening, Sue messaged me and said she had been relaxing in the bath (after a long run I believe), and words about running drifted into her mind to the tune of "That's Amore". (Think: "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore).  

Before long she had thought up a couple of verses, sent them to me and said, "over to you!" With that, our running song was born and we've been adding to it ever since, with many verses referring to our experiences on particular runs.

Sue and Fran’s Running Song.

To the tune of “That’s Amore”

When you bounce on your toes, to forget all your woes, you're a run-nerrrrrrrr
When music on your phone, is to get in the zone, you're a run-nerrrrrrrr
When your fashion sense stops, at your two layer socks, you're a run-nerrrrrr
When the summer sun goes, you just chuck on more clothes, you're a run-nerrrrrrr

Chuck on more clothed (Balaclavas AND hats)

When you think you’re berserk, cos your brain will not work, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you’ve pushed it once more, and you crash on the floor, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When your finish is quick, but you think you’ll be sick, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When on race day you queue for an hour for a poo, you’re a run-nerrrrr

When you crash on the floor ......
When at 4 you're awake, cos your muscles, they ache, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When nurophen you take, washed down with protein shake, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you're feeling so wired when you want to feel tired, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you can't sleep in bed, cos this song's in your head, you’re a run-nerrrrr

Cool off in the Sea
Cool off in the Sea
When you go til you drop, and still don’t want to stop, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you’re hot and smelleeee, you cool off in the sea, you’re a run-nerrrrrrrr
When on marathon halves, you have cramp in your calves, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you’re smacked by a bush, and blood pours down your mush, you’re a run-nerrrrr 

red in the face
When you’re having a laugh, writing songs in the bath, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you’re behind a tree and you’re having a wee, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When a run makes you glad, but your friends think you’re mad, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you’re red in the face, cos you picked up the pace, you’re a run-nerrrrrr

And ... dedicated to SLEAFORD:

When you get on and train for a race that caused pain, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When you come back for more, just to settle a score, you’re a run-nerrrr
When despite a groin pea, still to race you agree, you’re a run-nerrrrr
When your ex-bad foot kills, and you just take more pills, you’re a run-nerrrrr


Verse 1 - This was the really cold winter 2012-13. We never missed a Monday run and resorted to balaclavas to stop our faces freezing.  We made a woman in the village jump a bit when she didn't hear us run up behind her and was then faced with us two looking a fright.

Verse 2 - Refers to runner's brain. runners tummy and exhaustion - if you're a runner, you've probably experienced all of these!

Verse 3 - Runner's aches and pains (general). Sue's sleep problems.

Verse 4 - Summer 2013.  Cooling off in the sea - we ran in a lot of heat!  The blood down the mush reference - a bit of bramble sprang back and thwacked me in the face.  It was the tiniest little scratch but because we'd already run about 5 miles and continued for another 8, it bled and bled all over my top.  I looked like I'd committed a murder!

Verse 5 - Red face, Clickem/ Croxby run - 5 miles. Circa summer 2011.  Another one of our daft ideas, because at that point the furthest we'd run was 5k!

Verse 6 - Sleaford Half 2013 and 2014.  We've well and truly put Sleaford to bed now!

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