Wednesday 7 February 2024

Coaching Follow Up

In July last year, I knew I needed to make some changes and took up some coaching to help me get some clarity.  I wrote about my discovery call here and an update after 11 sessions here.  I completed my 16 coaching sessions with Luke in January, followed by a review session after 3 months. 

I recently had occasion to be in contact with Luke again and in our exchange, he mentioned a quote he'd recently seen, which really struck a chord with me. It is this:

I don't think I've ever actually said, "my life sucks and I have nothing going for me" because I've never felt that was the case.  However, I have, at times, felt trapped in my job and it's seemed that my choices were limited.

A few changes were in progress when I first started my course of coaching - including moving house to downsize and significantly reduce my mortgage.  But the biggest change has been in my mindset.  The emerging conviction that I can do anything I like* has been a revelation and I've stopped making excuses for not taking action.

I had more or less decided that I would retire from my day job on my 60th birthday at the end of August this year.  However, between the end of my batch of coaching and my review in March, I'd decided to retire a couple of months earlier.  I'm enjoying sewing, crafting an making 'stuff'.  All sorts of stuff.  

My current sewing business is Proud Paws, specialising in hand made functional, safety and funky apparel for dogs.  I'm selling in an online shop and at craft fairs and dog shows.  An important aspect of the last couple of sessions of coaching was to differentiate between what is a hobby and what is a business.  I have clarity on this now - 'dog stuff' is business, everything else is a hobby.  It's great that the business is enjoyable work, but still important to know what's what.
That doesn't mean it can't change or be added to. Here's a thought download**.......  I like hanging around with people who run*** and I love fancy dress.  I am good at making fancy dress clothes. Lots of my running friends like running in fancy dress.  Many fancy dress outfits available commercially aren't particularly suitable for running in. The fabric is too hot and sweaty (or rather, it would soon be hot and sweaty if you ran in it!).  I could make fancy dress outfits out of more suitable fabrics.  There are probably loads of runners outside my circle of friends who would pay to have something more suitable made. I could do that.  I like witch and fairy themes.  I could sew stuff related to that.  I don't ever have to get fed up of working. I just have to keep focused and acknowledge to myself which bits are business and which are hobbies - at any given time.

The future feels very exciting.

* There is a caveat to that.  I can do anything I like, but remember that actions have consequences.  But if you don't think you have any choices or you think you are trapped, remember the quote that I began with.  You might not be convinced right now but if you were to book a 30 minute discovery call with Lifecoach Luke you could be on the start of an interesting journey.

** I learned about thought downloads during my coaching sessions.  I like to call them thought dumps, as I would just dump all my thoughts onto paper or into a rambling email (as part of my coaching homework).  They are great for getting all that over thinking out of my head.  If you think this would be useful to you, again, I'd say get in touch with Luke Shillings.

*** I've done a fair bit of running myself; that's how I met many of my friends.  I've let it slip a bit in the last couple of years, but it's something I'm starting to prioritise again.  There IS time to fit it all in.  It's case of choices and priorities.  "I haven't got time" is the adult equivalent of "the dog ate my homework!"

Any how, to wind this up......

If you'd like a funky dog bandana or a functional treat pouch
, I'd love you to pay Proud Paws a visit, either at our online shop or follow us on Facebook If you have no need or wish for any of these items, but would like to do me a kindness, you could like and / share the facebook page.  This is something I'm very grateful for as it helps to spread the word beyond my immediate circle.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to take steps to transform your life,  then you can find Luke by following any of the links below:

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