Wednesday 7 February 2024

Coaching Update

Change your Thinking and you can Change your Life!

Well, I am now 11 sessions into my coaching, with 5 sessions to go.  I can honestly say that this is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself.  It feels like an investment because I will be feeling the benefits long after I’d have worn out some designer shoes or fancy make-up or the tan faded from a sunny holiday.

I knew I needed to make some changes in my life before I had my initial chat with Luke; see previous post.   But at the time, I couldn't see the wood for the trees regarding what those changes might look like. I felt trapped (by the need to pay the bills) in a job where I was feeling burnt out and in fact was signed off sick.  I didn't feel that I'd ever be well enough to return, yet didn't see an alternative.  I knew I needed another perspective, but I didn't need therapy / counselling. In fact my employers had recommended a counsellor and I went for a few sessions because I thought I should, but it wasn’t the right thing for me at the time.

Enter Lifecoach Luke!  From the first initial introductory chat, I felt heard, understood and not judged. I came off the call feeling renewed hope.  For a variety of reasons,  it was a few weeks before I started my coaching sessions but once underway, I started to have a change of attitude.  I can't explain in a few words how it happened, but after exploring what the blocks were, I managed to get back to work as well as having the courage to reduce my working hours to improve my work-life balance. I now feel it's a life-work balance, not the other way around!

There is very little jargon in Luke's approach, and any new concepts are explained clearly and with examples.   I like the way he also checks my understanding on an ongoing basis by sometimes asking me to explain how I have understood what was discussed in a previous session. 

Don't get me wrong.  This approach is not for you if you don't want to actually make any changes or if you are not prepared to be challenged.  As a therapist, (NHS, Mental Health Counsellor) I know that "nothing will work unless you do" and I was very prepared to be open to new ways of looking at my life and my thinking and myself - even those that seemed counter-intuitive or counter to models I've worked with.  I am also willing to be challenged.  Luke has an easy, empathic manner (but without sickly sympathy, thank goodness as that’s the last thing I want).  Rapport was established quickly and that, I believe is what makes challenge possible.  I know I have unconsciously attempted to dodge a few questions or avoid exploring some of my blind spots, but that is not allowed!!

The biggest thing that has changed is my attitude.  I actually thought I had a reasonably good attitude previously, but negativity and a sense of being overwhelmed had crept in somehow via the thin end of a wedge.  All this is has been and is being unpicked in coaching.

I had dreams, massive daydreams of starting up a small business too, using my newly discovered / developed sewing skills, with a view to retiring from the day job sooner than planned.  But that's all they were. Daydreams.  And now?  I'm doing it!  It's happening. I'm making it happen.  

Proud Paws CanineApparel is a real thing!  I’ve been selling at Craft Fairs and through word
of mouth and have clear ideas of where I’m going with it.
  Our Facebook shop will launch soon – watch this space!  I say ‘our’ because my daughter, Vicky is working with me – we have different skills sets that compliment each other and I just have confidence that this is going to be big for both of us.

I am committed to retiring from my day job when I turn 60 in August and can’t wait to work solely in my own venture.   There.  I’ve said it!

I’ve said this elsewhere, but I feel like my life has had an M.O.T.! 

People engage in coaching for a variety of reasons and I'd hypothesise that part of the reason for many people will be that some part of their life, like mine, feels stuck. 

Honestly - IF YOU FEEL STUCK IN A RUT - MAKE THE CALL.  You've nothing to lose by having a brief free chat.  You have everything to gain.  I've never looked back, except to see how far I've come. 


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