Friday 16 December 2016

Now She Thinks She's a Song Writer :-D

I won't give up my day job!

Since my teens, I've occasionally amused myself by re-writing the words to popular songs.  I'm no lyricist; the words very often don't fit the tune easily or precisely but can usually be sung through with a bit of vocal juggling!

Caistor Lights. Photo by Chris Ramsay
Setting off on our run today 

I've spent much of last weekend, and will spend much of this weekend and some of Christmas weekend with runners and we have been, and will be dressed as a snowman or Santa or elves or fairies.  We had Christmas music on our run today and  When I heard Eartha Kitt singing 'Santa Baby' it got me to thinking....... we runners don't want a sable, or a yacht or a duplex or cheques.  We are much more easily pleased.  All we want is to run, with friends, possibly with some cake, breakfast a cup of tea or a beer follow.  And sometimes prosecco! 

No, we don't ask for much, us runners, do we?  Well, not very much!  I give you -

Santa Baby - For Runners

Santa baby, slip a Garmin under the tree for me
Really need to upgrade,
Santa baby, so hurry down to Wiggle tonight

Santa baby, an entry to the Dukeries 10, and then
I'll run the bonus mile too, 
Santa baby, so fill the entry form in tonight

Think of the late nights I've missed,
To volunteer at parkrun, sunshine rain or mist
Next year I will be just as good
And get my name up high on the volunteer list

Santa honey, I want sports socks and really I need a lot
Baliga or Karrimor
Santa baby, and get down to Sports Direct tonight

Santa cutie, a lovely jacket made by Pro-Viz, it’s bliss
So I’m seen in the dark
Santa cutie, and hurry down to Metres to Miles

Santa baby, fill my stocking with some sports bras, and jars
Of tasty energy gels
Santa baby, from Amazon or Wiggle tonight

Come and trim my Christmas tree
With the blingy medals that were, won by me
I really do believe in you
If you make sure I get my next PB

Santa baby, forgot to mention that I need shoes, in twos
Some for on and off road
Santa baby, so hurry back to Metres to Miles
Hurry to Sports Direct tonight
Hurry,..... tonight

All joking aside and stripping away all the stuff, it's the company of friends that keeps running fun.
Running with friends.

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