Tuesday 9 May 2023

Proud Paws - Canine Apparel

 Meet the Model – Episode 4

Millie Wells

Proud Paws: Hi Millie. Thank you for agreeing to speak to us. It's lovely to meet you and introduce you to the lovely people who follow our page. So, Millie, do your humans have nicknames for you?

Millie: My humans often call me Millie Mischief, Millie Monster or Millie Monkey.
PP: Really?! I can’t think what they are implying. So cheeky. You sometimes just can’t get the staff, can you? What is your favourite food?

Millie: I love chicken, cheese, tuna and toast, not necessarily altogether!
PP: We can’t fault you there, Millie. Fortunately, most humans like those too, so there’s a good chance of a treat. We’ve heard that you live with runners, so you’ll always be well fuelled. Do you know what has been your longest run or walk?
Millie: I've done 21 miles a couple of times when my humans have been training for long races.
PP: Wow! You are definitely an endurance pup. What do you prefer, amble, brisk walk or run?
Millie: Spaniels definitely don't amble! Brisk walking is great, especially off lead so that I can get busy chasing the birdies and picking up sticks and stones, but so is running - I especially like the sprint start at a race. We're often in the lead to begin with, but not for long as my Mum's a bit of a handicap and slows me down!

PP: Have you ever stolen food? What did you steal? Did you get into trouble?
Millie: Just the once, at barkrun. Star Baker Phil had made delicious mincemeat cake but the lid wasn't on the box properly so I was able to help myself to a piece! I didn't get into trouble but it did make me sick afterwards.
PP: They can hardly even call it stealing if the lid wasn’t properly on! I mean, anything at your height is fair game, I’d say. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Millie: Sleeping on the bed and sharing the human's food, in fact most things that make me think I'm a human too.

PP: Ha ha. Humans should try to be more dog! It’s such fun. You get taken all sorts of fun places. What is the furthest you have travelled from home?
Millie: I've been adventuring in the Lake District, which was so much fun as there's lots of water. I love water!
PP: This question has proved somewhat controversial, but who is your favourite human?
Millie: I love everybody but my absolute favourite is my hoosister Georgia. She picks me up for cuddles and covers me with kisses.
PP: Do you like modelling for Proud Paws?
Millie: I love modelling for Proud Paws. Auntie Fran makes fab bandanas that make me look even more beautiful than I already am and my humans bribe me with treats when they're taking my photos.
PP: Food treat bribes are the best! Where are you going for your holidays this year?
Millie: I'm really excited because I'm going to Cornwall in my campervan. I've never been there before but my humans have told me there's lots of walks, trips to the seaside and ice cream.
Proud Paws: That sounds great. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. Your #vanlife bandana will be just
right for the trip and we’ll be asking you to model something from our summer range before too long. Thank you for modelling for us and for telling us so much about yourself.
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