Monday 2 May 2016

Where did that 4 months go?

This last few months have flown by, and as usual, my intentions to write little and often have not materialised into actions! 

I planned to write after every Dukeries Training run and after every run with Cheryl on her North Lincs Half Marathon training. Yet here we are, two weeks away from those events and not half of it documented.

So, I'm going to attempt to have a bit of a catch up.  

Dukeries 30 - The People

In previous posts, I introduced Frankie and Tina Thomas in an account of the Tealby Torturer, Sarah Chapman in My Inspiration for Dukeries, and Emma Morrison in Dukeries Training (Jan to Feb).

Inevitably not everyone has been able to make every training run, so I've run with a different group people on various runs.  Sarah and Mike (Twirly-Tutu-Boy)  have been the constants with others in and out.  We're also been joined on many runs by other Caistor Running Club (CRC) friends which has meant extra camaraderie and support.... far too many to mention by name without risk of missing someone out.  Mike's mate Rob also joined us for a couple of runs too.

'New Chris'

Not so new Chris
Chris Ramsay acquired the title 'New Chris' when he joined CRC because there were already 2 runners called Chris and one super supporter called Chris.  Super-supporter Chris Hewis has since started running and is the current holder of the 'Fast Chris' hoodie (which I'll write about at some point in the future).  Suffice to say that 'New Chris' is now 'well-established Chris; he's a great supporter of other runners, looks after the CRC website and helps to plan the run schedule for the month ahead.

Here's what he had to say when I asked him about Dukeries, a few months ago.

"Hello Fran I'm doing the 40 in the Dukeries and have more than once questioned my sanity! I'm 42 years old, have really only been running regularly since joining the club in Oct 2013. The longest I've run is 21 miles at 9:30/mile pace. My favourite race distance at the moment is a half marathon.

Don't know if you are aware, but I have a chronic bowel disease and it is the kind of thing that used to hold me back. But I don't want to let it do that anymore - I suppose that's my deep down reason for taking part with the crazy gang. There is also the wonderful friendship and shared stories of highs and lows."

Certainly Chris hasn't let his condition hold him back and despite having an episode a couple of months ago and having to take things a little easier for a short time, has since run the London Marathon 2016 in 04:15:05.   How awesome to run your first marathon at London!  Last time I spoke to Chris about Dukeries, it was just a few days after VLM and he was thinking that he may decide to transfer to Dukeries 30 instead of 40.... however, since then, his legs are feeling recovered and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him doing 40 after all.

Chris with Frankie, Keyworth Trail March 2016. Photo courtesy of Mike.

Kate Brown

Kate was with us on the Tealby Torturer run, but then our paths have crossed very little. Training runs just haven't fitted in for everyone.  

Kate Brown at the Tough Ten. Photo by John Rainsforth
"I am 37 and have been running for about 3 years now. 15 miles is the furthest I have run to date, so I have some work to do! Not really sure on my fave distance, but I really enjoyed the tough 10 last year and the half marathons I have done. I am scratching my head as to why I entered now. It seemed a good idea pre-Christmas. I felt I needed a new challenge and didn't fancy a road marathon. Also thought it would be cool to do an event others were doing and to hopefully piggyback some of their training runs" 

Since then, Kate has run the Keyworth Trail 30k when I ran the 15k ... however, even if we'd been in the same race, I wouldn't have seen her for dust - she's much quicker than I am.  I caught up with Kate (although not running!) the other night to find out how she's feeling about Dukeries and how her training has gone: "Gosh, I am not sure I have every felt 'ready' for a race. My hubby dropped me at the Humber bridge 2 weeks ago and I ran home along the Viking Way, total of 26 miles. Psychologically difficult on my own, but I managed it! Feeling nervous and slightly worried about my knee that has been niggling a bit. Determined just to enjoy the day though and not worry too much about my time." We then both commented about the early start - we need to be there by 6.20am, which will mean leaving home about 4.40am. We agreed that the usual CRC picnic afterwards would be a good idea.

It's time for bed now .... next I will aim for a round up of our March and April events and training and introduce the latest addition to our merry bunch, Kathryn.

Here are a few of the faces of runners who have joined us on a number of training runs:

Rach, Donna, Sir Andrew, Jayney-Jazzle, Chris, Captain Katy, Natalie, Andy

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