Friday 25 March 2011

Tea in the Ladies' Room - "Classy" !

Taking the Rough with the Smooth.

Remember when I said that I was waiting for the perfect spot in the garden to place my garden ornament, but then decided to get it out and enjoy it anyway?  Well, similarly, I've been waiting for the right time to get out the cake stand that belonged to my grandma, along with the two delightful cups and saucers I found on ebay to go with it.

My image was tea at the table, in the ladies room (that's not the loo, by the way - click here for why we call it the ladies room), with the lovely cups, the cake stand full of delicate sandwiches with the crusts cut off and a selections delicious tiny cakes to choose from.  And so I find myself again waiting for the right moment to enjoy something.  Today, I had a day off work and toyed with the idea of making some little cakes to put on the cake stand for when Vicky got home.  But of course, time moved along, I did other stuff and the next time I thought about it, Vicky was coming through the door!

But I really wanted to have those cups out.  And the cake stand.  It doesn't have to be perfect, it sometimes just has to be now.  And so - how classy is this?

What does it matter that I haven't got a fancy milk jug (so, yes, green milk for Vicky, red milk for me - cartons on the table and all) and that the only thing I could quickly find to go on the cake stand were 3 sad looking rich tea biscuits?  We had our tea in these gorgeous delicate cups, and of course enjoyed sitting and chatting and topping up our tea!

The strange mix of stuff on the table - old delicate cups and cake stand, the stainless steel teapot that I got for my 30th birthday, the milk cartons, the modern black tea pot stand and even the second hand table itself - could easily be a metaphor for life.

To me it says 3 things;
  • take the rough with the smooth, because that's what life's like
  • The cups and the cake stand are delightful little props, but it's the fact that they are a catalyst to gaining a few minutes quality time that make them an important focal point; they are the focal point, but they're not the whole point, if you see what I mean.
  • don't wait until tomorrow to enjoy something you can delight in today
And our delight is clear from our faces isn't it?  It's just another simple pleasure. 

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