Sunday 20 February 2011

Candles and Feet

Feet!  They take the strain don’t they?  I take my feet for granted – I’m sure I’m not alone.  They take us everywhere and support us day in, day out.  I want to care for them more, but somehow there always seems to be something else that takes priority.  I am grateful to my feet, but I don't show it often enough.

But it’s funny how one thing, seemingly unconnected, leads to another.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time at home with a colleague and friend, Judy, sharing resources and information to do with our work.  This was a pleasure in itself, all done over a cup of tea and with plenty of chat.

The following week at work she gave me a beautiful cinnamon scented candle – very carefully and thoughtfully chosen as she had noticed a cinnamon scented air freshener at my house.

For me, candles go with relaxing music and chilling out.  So at the weekend, I lit my candle, put on a CD, poured a nice glass of red wine and put my feet in a big bowl of hot, soapy water.  I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of my feet at last being given some attention.  I almost imagined I could feel them thanking me.   

As my feet relaxed, so did the rest of my body.  It takes so little effort really and makes such a difference.

And then I painted my toe nails black for a change!

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