Sunday 23 January 2011

Enjoy Simple Pleasures (1)

We're constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing telling us that we must have the latest fashions, gadgets, cars, televisions, sofas, conservatories; and that we then need a bigger, better, flashier one with more bells and more whistles in order to be happy. And if we can't afford them - no worries, there are credit cards and loans to help us out so that we end up paying interest so that whatever we've been sold costs us more and more.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't have the things we want, just that we could sometimes ask ourselves if we really want them or why we want them? Do we really want them or is someone else deciding what we want.

I wonder if all the 'stuff', the possessions or pursuit of them, blinds us to the wonderful joy we can have from small pleasures.

I spent 3 wonderful happy hours yesterday putting extensions in Vicky's hair, chatting away whilst half watching a DVD of an old film - My Fair Lady.  Not everyone's perfect afternoon, I realise.  It's a matter of finding something that floats your boat.

As a child, I wanted to be a hairdresser.  Vicky and I joke that I'm fulfilling that childhood wish when I do her hair.  Oh, that and the fact that I never had a Barbie or a Girls World when I was little*!   We just had such a lovely time.  I studied the George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion at school for 'O' level English (just a few years ago!) and so did Vicky for GCSE English.  We both enjoyed the play, so the film My Fair Lady was the ideal accompaniment to the hair styling.

Above is the work in progress.  To the right, the completed extensions, all trimmed and lovely.

Simple low cost pleasures.  I'm sure that the way to contentment is not in having more, but in wanting less.

*It's OK- don't get the violins out - I had plenty of other toys, including an Anna & Happytime doll and horse set.  It was fantastic!

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