Thursday 2 December 2010

Agents of Change

On a recent trip to London (luckily it was last week, before all the snow set in) with my daughter Vicky, I visited the Natural History Museum. I particularly enjoyed  the 'Red Zone', which is all about the earth, how it was formed, how it is constantly changing and how volcanoes, earth quakes and other natural phenomena occur.

There was a resounding emphasis on the inevitability of change and although this referred to the earth, I thought that this is a lovely metaphor for life. 

Things change, stuff happens.  Some of this change may be beyond our control, but our ability to adapt, develop resilience, go with the flow and be flexible can help us to embrace change.

We can also create change in our own lives and gain a sense of control - not control over others, or of circumstances but control of how we experience our lives and of how we respond. 

One of the exhibits showed how different types of actions in the earth forms and changes the landscape and the geology of the earth. Flowering, melting, growing, cooling, shattering, squeezing and forcing of the earth changes the nature of the rock and the change is never ending.

These different actions are known as Agents of Change. I really identified with that description.  For some years I have worked in a variety of roles involving helping people to make positive change in their lives.  I've had a number of posts and job titles, some more indicative of the actual work than others.  "Agent of Change" is the perfect description, of me, of what I'm about .... and so, this web site starts to take shape and will change and develop just as people do and just as the earth does.

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